Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex plans $850 million titanium unit in Indonesia

Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex plans $850 million titanium unit in Indonesia. Trimex Sands, a part of the Trimex group which has presence across India, UAE, Dubai and a leading international conglomerate with a focus on heavy minerals, has signed an MoU with the Indonesian government to set up a world-class integrated titanium project worth $850 million. Leveraging heavy mineral resources in Indonesia, the company will identify the project’s site in accordance with the location of titanium resources in the country and will enable the authorities to advance lesser-developed regions of Indonesia. The company will invest in three phases over the next 10 years.

Trimex Sands’ Pradeep Koneru receives ‘Most Promising Entrepreneur’ award

Trimex Sands’ Pradeep Koneru receives ‘Most Promising Entrepreneur’ award. In recognition of his outstanding leadership and initiative in developing an innovative new business model in mineral sands mining, Executive Director of Trimex Sands, Pradeep Koneru was named winner of the Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award from Enterprise Asia at a VIP-packed ceremony held November 11, 2011 at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi, India.

Pradeep Koneru Award

The award was presented as part of the annual Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 India, organized by Enterprise Asia, a non-governmental organization in pursuit of entrepreneurship development across the region. Pradeep was named recipient of the award in recognition of his outstanding leadership and initiative in developing an innovative new business model in mineral sands mining.

A subsidiary of Trimex Group, Trimex Sands is an innovative processor of mineral rich beach sands. Its extraction project, in India’s Andhra Pradesh, is the first of its kind to be developed in the country by a private sector company with cutting edge extraction, processing, and environmental sustainability technologies.

Trimex Sands has also worked to improve the welfare of the local community by:

  • upgrading and improving infrastructure;
  • repairing religious facilities;
  • providing schoolchildren with supplies;
  • ensuring homes in surrounding villages have adequate lighting by providing light bulbs;
  • screening villagers for pre-existing medical conditions, an effort that has already reached nearly 800 villagers.

Pradeep Koneru Trimex Group to pump in $500 mln to set up titanium plant in AP

Pradeep Koneru Trimex Group to pump in $500 mln to set up titanium plant in AP. The UAE-based Trimex Group today said it will invest 500 million dollars to establish a titanium pigment plant with a production capacity of 44,000 tonnes per annum, in India by 2014. ”Over the next three years, we will infuse 480-500 million dollars to set up a titanium pigment plant at Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh,” Trimex Sands, a subsidiary of the Group, Executive Director and CEO Pradeep Koneru told reporters here. The project will be funded by the internal accruals, he added.

Mr Koneru said the production capacity of the plant would be 44,000 tonnes per annum.

He said the Group has applied for the environment clearance which is awaited.

Currently, India consumes about 1,50,000 tonnes of titanium pigment per year, Mr Koneru said, adding that only 50,000 tonnes of titanium are produced domestically.

Trimex Sands has also signed an MoU with the Indonesian government to set up a 850 million dollar titanium pigment plant in Indonesia by 2020. It will have a production capacity of 46,000 tonnes per annum.

Exclusive mining policy needed to spur economic activity in A.P. The Hindu News about Pradeep Koneru

TSPL managing director Koneru Pradeep told The Hindu that the government’s active support was necessary since prices have come down drastically for heavy minerals in the world market. “Mining activity should not be treated with suspicion. It will discourage new investments in this unexplored area,” he added.

The Department of Industries has also prepared a note explaining the opportunities for the industry in Srikakulam district which has a long coastline spreading 192 km from Pydibhimavaram to Itchapuram. DIC general manager B. Gopala Krishna Murthy said the government focused on Srikakulam for the promotion of industries in heavy minerals, jute sector and solar power.

Exclusive mining policy is the need of the hour to spur economic activity in Andhra Pradesh which is keen to mobilise more funds for its flagship programmes and loan waiver scheme.

Mining industry, which is currently facing many challenges owing to delay in sanctioning of mandatory permission from authorities, has sought government’s support for generating employment opportunities in the State. Export duty of around 10 per cent has become another bane for the industry. Heavy mineral industries can have robust business activity in A.P. if both Central and State governments look into the grievances of the entrepreneurs, according to experts.

Mining Engineers Association of India (MEAI) strongly feels that there is ample scope for proper utilisation of mineral resources in coastal region and establishment of new industries. The association observed that rigid laws, inordinate delay in sanctioning of permission and handing over of land to industries are the main reasons for the poor growth in the sector.

Pradeep Koneru Trimex Sands allocates Rs 50 Crores for welfare activities to the district of Srikakulam

Pradeep Koneru Trimex Sands allocates Rs 50 Crores for welfare activities to the district of Srikakulam. Trimex Sands Private Limited today announced 50 crore donation for the social welfare activities in Gara and Vajarapukotturu mandals, in the district of Srikakulam as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The company will allocate Rs.50 crore for the next five years; Rs.10 crore will be donated every year under the ‘Koneru Prasad Charitable Trust’, which has already initiated many welfare programmes in the Gara mandal.

The Director and CEO, C.V.G.K. Murty and other senior officials from Trimex Sands Private Ltd, submitted the letter of commitment to the Srikakulam Collector Sri. G. Venkatram Reddy today, explaining the company’s aim to improve socio-economic conditions in the identified Mandals.

The collector appreciated the initiative and assured the company that a committee will be constituted to work out an action plan to identify both the needs of the specified mandals involving all concerned special officers, panchayat sarpanches, Grama Sabhas, etc., in order to ensure a fruitful and a meaningful utilization of the funds donated.

“We are honoured to make this Rs 50 crore commitment as we seek to improve quality of life and ensure sustainability in Srikakulam. We are certain that the allocated Rs.50 crore will benefit several villages of Gara and Vajrapukotturu mandals and improve their civic infrastructure, medical and health facilities. We hope the government would also extend necessary help in achieving our goals to transform the identified areas as model villages,” stated Ch. V G K Murty Director and CEO- Trimex Sands Pvt Ltd.

Trimex Sands Private Limited (TSPL) as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, has already pioneered several welfare activities in the district. TSPL has provided direct and indirect employment to more than 2500 people, established health care facilities in villages, built poly-clinics, all weather roads, arranged water supply and electricity to the villages, built temples and donated generously for the renovation of several village schools and temples, including Srikurmam Temple. Trimex is also actively engaged in the improvement of child and adult illiteracy programs, development of sports in the villages and unlocking entrepreneurial potential of the local people so that they take charge of their financial destiny.

Trimex Group takes a holistic, integrated approach to business that focuses on the long-term picture, comprehensive development, social justice and sustainability. The group’s goals are aligned with larger societal goals, such as infrastructure development, creating job opportunities and attracting further investment.

Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex Sands, signs MoU with Government of Indonesia to establish an integrated titanium industrial complex

Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex Sands, signs MoU with Government of Indonesia to establish an integrated titanium industrial complex

  • Trimex Group to invest 800-850 million USD towards setting up the project in three phases.
  • Project to boost economic sustainability in the region and create 6,500 jobs.
  • Project to reduce Indonesia’s dependency on imports for titanium dioxide pigment.

New Delhi, January 25, 2011: Trimex Sands, a part of the Trimex Group, a leading international conglomerate with a focus on heavy minerals, announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Indonesia, in New Delhi, India today.

As per the details of the MoU, Trimex Sands will set up a world-class integrated titanium complex, leveraging heavy mineral resources in Indonesia. The project’s site will be determined in accordance with the location of titanium resources in the country, and will enable the authorities to advance lesser-developed regions of Indonesia. The estimated cost for the Integrated Titanium Complex is 800-850 million USD, which will be invested in three phases, over the next 10 years.

The project will consist of mining and mineral separation, value addition of ilmenite to titanium slag, TiO2 pigment and Ti Metal production of other associated viable minerals from the resource area. The manufactured products will primarily be used for commercial sales and domestic consumption.

His Excellency Mr. M. S. Hidayat, Minister of Industry, Republic of Indonesia, said, “This Memorandum of Understanding with Trimex Sands is a result of mutual commitment to develop and implement the utilization of the natural resources in the region and promote industrialization, in order to bring prosperity and well-being to the people. Indonesia has large ilmenite resources, about 40 million tons, despite which the country annually imports about 46,000 tons of TiO2 pigment. The proposed integrated TiO2 project will ensure regular and committed supply of pigment to end users at a cost effective price. This will also reduce our dependence on imported pigment”.

“We welcome Trimex Sands new investment to Indonesia and are determined to provide all required support to the group. They have shown commitment as an investor in executing similar large-scale projects in different parts of the world. We are confident that their expertise and experience in this sector will help in utilizing the available natural resources in the country and create new industrial opportunities. We firmly believe that the proposed Integrated Titanium Complex will change the landscape of the heavy mineral industry in Indonesia. Mr. Hidayat further added.

The company expects the first phase of the project to start by Sept 2011 and end by Dec 2013. The first phase will see an investment of 150-200 million USD in the production of titanium-di-oxide (TiO2) pigment which is largely used in developing industries like paint, ceramics, paper and plastics. The project is expected to create close to 1,000 new jobs during this phase.

The second phase of development will include production of titanium slag. In the third phase, Trimex would concentrate on production of titanium metal and enhancing the TiO2 pigment plant capacity. The second and the third phase of the project would entail investments of close to 350 million USD and 300-350 million USD, respectively. The entire project is expected to be completed in 8 to 10 years.

Mr. Pradeep Koneru, Executive Director & CEO of Trimex Sands, said “Our experience in Indonesia for past eight years has been very rewarding. The proposed integrated TiO2 project is a very important project for Trimex Group as we aim to become the largest player in titanium feed stock industries and establish ourselves as a fully integrated titanium producer in the Asia. This MoU marks the beginning of Trimex Sands’ long-term strategic relationship with the government and the people of Indonesia”.

Regarding the project and the mineral separation capacity, Mr. Pradeep Koneru further added that “Trimex Sands will look for titanium and zircon-rich deposits and high-grade titanium feed stock deposits. There are large untapped resources in Indonesia and we are upbeat about the project tapping into these resources. The production capacity of the plant will depend on variable factors like raw materials, infrastructure for power, water, as well as road and rail links”.

According to Mr. Koneru, the project is expected to create direct employment for close to 2,000 people and indirect employment for nearly 4,500 people.

Trimex has been operating in Indonesia for over eight years, including a kaolin plant in Bangka Belitung and a large greenfield coalmine in East Kalimantan. The Group has a keen understanding of the Indonesian marketand has been committed to improve the quality of life and ensure sustainable practices through the implementation of long-term programs in Indonesia. To that end, the company has undertaken various holistic development programs for the residents of 15 villages in East Kutai in East Kalimantan.

Pradeep Koneru Trimex Conducts Medical Camp for Children

Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex Conducts Medical Camp for Children. CH CGK Murthy, Chief Executive Officer, Trimex Sands PVT LTD has said that his organization has been providing medical services to people living in rural areas as part of its corporate social responsibility.

News June 22, 2015 - 1

Speaking at a paediatric medical camp for children organised by the Koneru Prasad Charitable Trust, in coordination with Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex Sands, at Chinna Tonangi Village on Friday, he said the company had allocated Rs.55,000 for organising the camp. It was distributing free medicines. Visakhapatnam based Dr B Ramakrishanan conducted tests for 100 children. Sarpanch V Bharati Bhaskar spoke. MPTCS Laxminarasimha Devi, Trimex Sands Associate Vice-President V Shiva Shankar and CSR head ch V Prakash were present.

Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex Distributes Streetlights

Pradeep Koneru‘s Trimex representatives distributing streetlight sets for Amadalapadu village of Gaara mandal in Srikakulam district on the company premises.

News June 22 2015

Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex Company liaison head V Siva Shankar distributed streetlight sets for Amadalapadu village Gaara mandal on the company premises on Friday. He distribudted a total of 25 streetlight sets. Among others, head of CSR CHV Prakash, liaison officer Konda Damayanthi, village elders T Soori Babu and Dhana Raj were present.

Pradeep Koneru’s Trimex Sands donates Rs.50 Lakhs to CMRF

Pradeep Koneru‘s Trimex Sands, mineral mining and trading company has donated Rs.50 lakh to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Relief fund on Wednesday. Company managing director Mr.Pradeep Koneru handed over the demand Draft to the Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu at Visakhapatnam.

Pradeep Koneru

TRIMEX had set up its plant with a state of the art technology in the backward region of Srikakulam in 2009. The technology is first of its kind in the country with an investment of Rs. 600 Crore. The forward integration of the plant would see a value addition to the tune of Rs. 3,000 crore investment in few years.

Mr. Pradeep Koneru, Managing Director of Trimex Group at a meeting with Hon’ble Chief Minister at Visakhapatnam Collectorate office said, “As part of our group’s social responsibility we made this humble contribution of Rs. 50,00,000 (Rupees Fifty Lakhs Only), which we hope will in some small way be of use in the Chief Minister’s Relief measures”.

Big Contribution this year

In our endeavour to continue promotion of welfare measures, Trimex Sands has proposed several activities for the ensuing years.Keeping in view the safety requirements of these villages Trimex Sands, besides continuing the focus areas of Education, Health and other social welfare measures, has proposed to build about 10 cyclone shelters along the coast of the Srikakulam District which could provide safety against such natural calamities. “This would be costing around Rs.3 Crores and we will implement as advised by the A.P Government” Pradeep Koneru said.

Trimex is in forefront of initiating and implementing the CSR activities in and around Srikakulam district. Trimex has constructed a primary school with state-of-art facilities at Vatsavalasa village in Gara Manila, at a cost of Rs. 2.50 Crore.Every year 500 students come out well educated. Most of these are poor fishermen and the downtrodden and mid-day meals are offered to these students at free of cost. Distributed School Bags for students studying in Government Schools and Distributed 4,500 Tablet PC’s for all students studying in the 2nd year degree at Govt. Degree Colleges in Srikakulam District at a cost of Rs.1.55 crores.”We plan to groom the primary school into a high school and to add a junior college in the immediate future” Pradeep.

“Water supply through tankers is a routine activity and 30 villages are being served mineral water daily” he said adding that Trimex has set up a R.O water plant in Adavaram village as part of recently launched NLR sUjala Dhara programme.

Besides constructing Fish Drying Platforms in Perlavanipeta and Mogadalapadu villages, which are the most backward fishermen villages, Trimex has Donated street lights to various villages as advised by the district administration and Scholarship is given to poor students studying higher studies. The CSR activities include construction of pucca houses for about 30 families at Sriramavanipet, financial assistancefor providing free food for patients at RIMS Hospita, in Srikakulam, as well as to the School for Mentally Retarded in Srikakulam town.